Thursday, October 28, 2010


The next best thing to Halloween it's self, is a Halloween pin up! Duh! Last year Kevin and I did this pin up inspired by the great Gil Elvgern.

 Ahhhhhh I love Halloween, I mean how could you not love an excuse to run around all night in a scandalous costume while drinking too much and you can throw eggs and towel paper on people's property and it's kind of ok, yep best holiday ever. I spent my last three Halloweens in new york, I went to the parade and a bunch of cool parties, which was a total blast, I took a bunch of photos and I'm really glad I did or else I wouldn't have remembered any of it, haha!

 Being Bettie Page last year was so much fun! Wearing a black wig made me feel like a different person, it was definitely a hit at the parade.

 Being Marie Antoinette, the year before was also a ton of fun, but that wig was so heavy it gave me a huge headache but was totally worth it.

When I went to FIT everyone dressed up at school for Halloween,  so I dressed up as a vinyl french maid, I really miss that about that school.

Anyway, I'm kind of feeling like a halloweenie this year because I'm staying here in Lancaster, have no real plans, and even worse because I still don't have my costume worked out. F*** you, school for making me to busy to do anything fun for the holiday. I do have a few ideas for a costume though, I'm thinking Barbarella, or maybe a 60's go-go dancer... we'll see

Oh well, My little gargoyle Cheddar is in the Halloween spirit, his dressing up like a leopard!
xo Grace

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