Sunday, October 17, 2010

cow girls!

If you don’t like cowgirl pin ups you suck; they are dangerous, and pretty darn feisty, but in a really cute way! I’ve been drawing a ton of them lately for a children’s book so they’re on my mind. How could you not like a busty girl with guns and lassoos? There are so many great cowgirl pin ups, because it’s so classic and not to mention just fun. Gil Evergreen painted a few of my favorite cowboy pin ups. He is such a total pro, I mean he could paint a paper bag and make it look sassy. 

 When my good friend Kevin suggested that we do a cowgirl pin up shoot, I was all about it! So I went straight to e-bay to search for the outfit and toy guns, because toy guns rule. I came across an old 1950’s waitress outfit, and I knew I had to have it for the shoot. It looks almost exactly like a cowgirl pin up I found online.  Since half of what makes a memorable pin up is props, I when into my basement and dug out my old rocking horse toy from when I was 3 because I though it would be great for our shoot. I stuck it in my car and drove off to Philly to meet Kevin.

As always, it was great to see Kevin, but shooting in my super cute cowgirl outfit made it even more fun! I love dressing up so much it's not even funny. I’m so lucky that Kevin is not only a great, friend but is also a master photographer, and I adore the photos he took!

xoxo Grace

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  1. What fantastic pix - I absolutely love your little vest and skirt:). Your lipstick colour is perfect for this fab, vintage cowgirl look too. You're lucky to have a friend who takes great pix:).