Thursday, November 4, 2010


So I ended up having a pretty mellow Halloween and went to a friends party, but I did have an exciting  costume, Barbarella!

 Barbarella has to be one of my favorite movies. The whole movie is pretty much about Barbarella  floating about looking cute, and sleeping with  a bunch of people she meets along her journey to stop the evil Durand-Durand.  To sum it up, she's the ultimate space hooker, how could that not be amusing? Her costume and make up and hair are perfect and add so much to the movie.
 A 31 year old Jane Fonda plays ,Barbaralla she is so perfect for the role. To me, she has the playfulness and sassyness of a classic 50's pin up, but puts an over the top 60's space theme to her look, which is why I adore her in this movie. Her work out tapes are also a riot, she reminds me of a pin up girl coming to life in them. On a side note, she was on Oprah the other day, and in her mid 70's is still looking great!
  Barbarella is just plain old tacky fun to the extreme, ah I love tacky stuff.
 So, a must have for my Barbarella costume was a space gun which I picked up at the local Halloween store. I didn't realize how much fun space guns were to play with! I ended up playing with my toy gun for literally the whole night, it lit up and made a cool sound!
 I had to get a photo with my kitty Cheddar, because he has a  famous ancestor from another 60's themed movie..
haha Dr. Evil and Barbaralla, talk about a power couple!

To amuse myself for the party, I snapped a few shot of myself in my Barbarella gear, haha I'm such a photo whore.

It was so much fun to channel my inner 60's space pin up by dressing up at Barbarella, my friend Stephen took this photo of me at his party. Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!
XO Grace